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Hey there everyone, hope all of you are doing great or at least, making your best effort. :)

So I've shared a couple of stories around here without properly introducing myself.  I'm originally from Costa Rica, my parents are from Colombia...I lived in Chicago during my high school years, lovely city, lovely people (the ones I met at least!!) and then moved to Colombia where I lived for the past 7 years and got my degree in psychology. 

Right now I'm back to my homeland, soon to be gone again by September; or earlier. It all depends on where life takes me. 

So anyway, I'm a humanistic psychologist (if you want to know more, go here:

and that's probably the reason some of you will see my posts a bit unconventional from what is popularly known for psychologists. Humanists are not very popular anywhere really; but during my career I found that the rest of the theories didn't sound much with me, my beliefs, my life and the way I see the world. 

I've worked with a few different types of communities, and given it was in Colombia... violence, poverty, abuse, and much of our human dark side was seen. However, I was also blessed with the possibility to know transformation, growth, friendship and love through out these same communities and for that, I forever thank them.  

I have my dark days, I have a temper, and some people think I could've been a lawyer as well... but all in all, I've learned to see life for what it is: a continuum of experiences; a constant opportunity to learn and grow. I refuse to have a bad day, I refuse to waste my energy with things, situations and people who are only interested in exhausting others; and I believe life is hard personal work. Life is an opportunity we get to  make of it whatever we want, even though circumstances are not always of our liking. The ultimate freedom is the attitude we choose to have towards life's circumstances. (Viktor Frankl's idea which I wholeheartedly agree with).

I love to cook (thank you pinterest); I love music, I practice zazen meditation twice, daily (took a lot to get there..) I work, play, read, paint and write too. The last two have very unprofessional styles =) 

I'm not here necessarily as a psychologist; but I don't leave my life out of that role...and I don't leave that role out of my life. For the most part I wanted to join so I can share positive energy with those who are open to it; whether that's through a nice quote I find, a comment, an idea, an experience or book excerpts through my blog. 

So, if anyone who reads what I post feels hopeful, happy, calm, thankful or at least what I post gives them something to think about... that's enough reason for me to be around here. 

I wish all of you a great day and week!! 

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